Defeat Dyslexia! book seriesJargon-free and easy to read, Defeat Dyslexia! is the practical guide for busy parents and carers.

In Holly Swinton’s new book, you can find out with what dyslexia really means for your child’s reading, spelling, maths, and other areas of learning, including music, languages, and sport. Then discover straightforward, positive ways to help your dyslexic child to excel, in school and in life.

Using Defeat Dyslexia!, you’ll gather facts, advice, and inspiration from a dyslexia expert who is also proudly dyslexic.

Now available as an ebook and paperback

Defeat Dyslexia!

Defeat Dyslexia! is available to buy worldwide, in paperback or ebook format, from Amazon, Kobo, iBooks and wherever else you get your ebooks.


Spot Dyslexia, Understand Dyslexia, Defeat Dyslexia!

With this book, you can:

Spot Dyslexia

  • Identify signs of possible dyslexia, including hidden clues.
  • Find out about overlapping conditions, like dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and autism.

Understand Dyslexia

  • Get to grips with the strengths and weaknesses of dyslexia.
  • Make the diagnosis process stress-free.

Defeat Dyslexia!

  • Learn the quick and easy ‘first steps’ for supporting your child.
  • Create a long-term plan of action for learning success.


“A clear and concise guide, dispelling myths and laying the path for the exciting journey  through life ahead of those with dyslexia and their support network.

“As both a professional and a mother of someone with dyslexia, I find this book a shining star in dyslexia literature.”

Sarah Bailey
MBACP Psychotherapist, school counsellor, and mother

“This is an invaluable read for anyone trying to navigate the maze of dyslexia. The accessible, practical and light tone make this book highly readable with the case studies bringing the book to life.

“I particularly love all of the tips and strategies, and will be recommending this book to my clients and colleagues.”

Louise Scrivener
Independent Speech & Language Therapist

“The book speaks to you in an informative, accessible and friendly manner. It’s easy to understand yet not patronising. Definitely a toolbox ‘go-to’ book – very comprehensive.

“I also think people who are concerned their child has dyslexia should read this book first before they approach the child’s school or attend their educational psychologist assessment. To go to these meetings informed and armed will make these time-limited appointments far less frustrating and far more beneficial for everyone concerned.”

Cheryl Hunt
Social worker and mother

“Speaking as a teacher and mother, this is a gem of a book which will help you understand more about dyslexia and how you can help yourself and your child. Holly’s expertise and practical tips are priceless. A definite must-read for parents, teachers and TAs.”

Anna Clarke-Bryan
Teacher and mother