Free dyslexia worksheetsAll dyslexic children benefit from ‘overlearning’ – practising fundamental skills over and over. But how can you stop overlearning getting overwhelming? The key is to have fun with learning, using games and activities.

These free, printable dyslexia worksheets for children and teenagers provide quick and fun ways to practise all-important maths and English skills.

Divide by 3 to Find the Answer to the Joke

Days of the Week Wordsearch

‘Flying Commas’ (Apostrophes) Crossword

‘Venus Fly Trap’ Proofreading Challenge

Consequences: Making Sentences

Consequences: Grammar

Speed Reading Challenge

At the Zoo: Sounding Out Silent Letters

‘Magic E’: Colouring Challenge

Sticky ‘sh’ Words: Colouring Challenge

Note: This page is very much a work in progress. Keep checking back for more worksheets.