Dyslexia was invented by the Nazis?
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“Dyslexia was invented by Nazis” and other weird dyslexia web searches

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Ahh, Google. What did we do before we were able to type any passing question into Google and get an answer seconds later? (Asked our mums, probably.)

Google holds the secrets of many dyslexia-related query. Most are ones you’d expect. “What is dyslexia?” and “do I have dyslexia?

Some, however, are a little more off the wall. Let’s take a look at some of the wackier things that people have been typing into Google:

“Dyslexics have bigger brains”

Yep, that’s our big secret. In fact, I’m finding it hard to hold my head up right now because of how ENORMOUS my brain is. My head’s sagging on my neck… helpppp meee!

Ha. Not really.

There is a lot of very clever work being done into neuroimaging dyslexic brains, but I’m pretty sure they’re not just flat out bigger.

“How dyslexia affects relationships”

Crikey, should my next book be called, Dyslexics are from Mars, Neurotypicals are from Venus?

It’s true that my husband gets annoyed by my goldfish-brain working memory problems, but I don’t think dyslexia’s a relationship-killer!

“Why is dyslexia so hard to spell?”

That one definitely feels like a practical joke on us all.

You can actually blame the Germans and the Greeks, though. ‘Dys’ comes from the German for difficult. And ‘lexis’ comes from the Greek for speech.

Petition to change the name of dyslexia to ‘annoyingwordproblemthingy’?

“Dyslexia was invented by Nazis”

Darn those Nazis! They’re responsible for everything!

Eddie Izzard wonders if “Scrabble was invented by Nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia”

Actually, we should probably let the Nazis off the hook – for this one thing, anyway. Dyslexia is as old as time (much older than the Nazi party).

Apparently the root of this wacky search is an Eddie Izzard joke, where he wonders if “Scrabble was invented by Nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia”.

“Dyslexia in the 80s”

Umm, dyslexia in the 80s was probably the same as it is today… except everyone wore neon and had really big hair. This was important, in order to conceal the size of our big heads containing our big brains.

“Did JFK have dyslexia?”

I don’t know. Do you want me to whip out my Ouija board and get in contact with him to find out?

None of us are immune from wondering if dead celebrities had undiagnosed dyslexia (Agatha Christie couldn’t spell! Leonardo da Vinci wrote right-to-left! Albert Einstein had amazing problem-solving abilities!), but the fact is, we’ll never know for sure.

Well, not unless you pick up a copy of my latest book, Psychic Holly Reveals the Secrets of Dead Dyslexics.


What’s the weirdest dyslexia-related thing you’ve ever Googled? Let me know in the comments…


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