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Dyslexia Resources Reviewed: Hairy Words 1 & 2 app

Hairy Words 1 and Hairy Words 2

What is it? Animated app game for practising spelling high-frequency words.

Cost: ~£2.99 (varies, depending on the platform)

Ideal for: children who need to practise spelling words like: believe, beautiful, know, friend, who, father, people, could, Mrs.

Hairy Words 2

Fun factor:3 stars

Educational value:3 stars

Longevity:4 stars

Why it’s good for dyslexics:

Just 300 words make up approximately half of everything we read and write. By mastering these high-frequency words, children will be able to automatically spell ~50% the words they want to write.

Good points:

  • Quick, simple, enjoyable game
  • Can specify which words you need to practise
  • Immediate feedback and ability to retry words spelled incorrectly
  • Stretches your level of game play

Bad points:

  • Slightly confusing layout
  • Shows you the word every time
  • No help with building up strategies for spelling
  • Freedom to choose easy words you can already spell, rather than words you often get wrong

In a nutshell:

A fun way to get in some spelling practice, without it feeling like too much of a chore.

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