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Examples of dyslexic spelling

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Spelling is a common bugbear for dyslexics, but parents may be wondering what ‘dyslexic spelling’ looks like in practice.

In fact, the way a dyslexic child spells will look very different depending on her age.

Here are some broad examples of what dyslexic spelling might look like in younger and older children:

6-year-old with dyslexia:

miy techr seb i LuT neb To Lurn mi k wbs

(My teacher said I need to learn my key words.)

8-year-old with dyslexia:

my teecher siad I need triy harDer at speling and not Be laizey

(My teacher said I need to try harder at spelling and not be lazy.)

10-year-old with dyslexia:

My werk comes back whith, halve off everyfink crossed out nowe I jut aviod words I ca’nt spell

(My work comes back with half of everything crossed out. Now I just avoid words I can’t spell.)

14-year-old with dyslexia:

My teachers Bang on about the the importense of spelling sow I just pritenD check my work I Don’t see the point.

(My teachers bang on about the importance of spelling, so I just pretend to check my work. I don’t see the point.)

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